vinoRomvin Import Company is the largest Romanian wine importer to the USA.

Romvin Import Company is committed to filling the needs of their diverse clientele and understanding their objectives.

Romvin Import Co. has been in the business of importing fine wines from Romania since 1993. We know that, in spite of their world class quality, Romanian wines are still relatively less known in the Western market due to the many years of isolationism behind the Iron Curtain. Therefore, we personally visit the vineyards and handpick the best wines to bring them overseas and make them available to you. Romvin Import Co. is strongly committed to restore the well-deserved international recognition of the Romanian wines and to offer the western consumers an exceptional value. Wine making in Romania goes back a long time. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew Romanian soils produced excellent wine-making grapes, and archaeological evidence suggests that wine making actually began in the region 6,000 years ago. And legend says that the Thracian god of wine was born north of the Danube River in what is now Romania. According to Wine Institute 2009 statistics, Romania ranks 12th in world wine production and grew at a faster pace than traditional European wine-making countries like France, Italy and Spain. Wine aficionados increasingly visit Romania to enjoy the wine and tour operators offer wine tours of the country.

Wine Regions

Romania sits in southeastern Europe, its eastern border facing the Black Sea. The country boasts four wine-making regions. The Murfatlar region lies near the Black Sea and enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. The area produces sweet wines.

Farther north and inland, the Cotnari area also produces sweet wines and was a favorite of  Stephen the Great, a 15th century Moldavian ruler who even had roads paved to the area to transport the fine wine.

The Tarnave wine regions sits in Transylvania.

Long before the Roman conquest, Dacia was already a vineyard land. Romania can look back on a long history of winemaking. Already Homer and Herodotus wrote of Thracian wines.

The ancestors of the Romanian people, named Daci, were great agriculturists who cultivated the grape vine and also made wine, a fact mentioned by ancient Greek and even Roman historians.

In the south, the Dealu Mare region extends over the sub-Carpathian Hills and is known for its red wines.

We are confident that the outstanding quality of our wines paired with our seamless service will satisfy both the casual wine drinkers and the connoisseurs. Please take a look at our products, order a few bottles, experience the exquisite taste, and lets raise a glass together for the rebirth of the Romanian wines !