The DEALU MARE vineyards represents the most extensive vine area, 60 Km. Iong and about 6-8 Km. wide Iocated on hills with prominently southern exposition.

The altitude ranges from 130 my to 500 m., a particular microclimate with warm, dry and rather long autumns encourages abundant and high quality crops.

TOHANI WINERY has 2000 ha., vineyard, the soil reach in iron oxide are suitable to such varieties as: Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot\Pinot Noir reds and Feteasca Alba, Sauvignon Blanc, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Busuiaca Bohotin and Muscat Ottonel,-white and rose wines.

The fineness of the bouquet harmoniously combined with the ruby brilliancy of these extractive, vigorous and velvety wines have been gaining them unanimous admiration and
many gold medals at international wine festivals.

These are flavoured, white wines with a natural high alcohol content, a symphony of bouquet, and amber colour symbolizing the sun concentrated in this marvelous nectar.
D. O. C. (denomination of origine controlle)

White and Rose. The grapes are regular monitored in the vineyards, then harvested with
care to obtain real expression of the variety.

Vinification under control temperature between 10-12 degree for white.

Tasting notes:

White :

  • Feteasca Albasemi-dry, white wine, golden clor, floral, grassy herbal and mineral,
  • Tamaioasa Românească: sweet wine complex flavour flowersand, honey, persistent, rich taste, Rose:
  • Busuiaca Bohotin: semi-sweet/rose wine, with strong taste of rose petal.

Vinification red grapes:

Classic vinification with full temperature control

Tasting notes:

  • Feteasca Neagra: semi-sweet/red wine, beautiful deep purple red. Poweful nose suggestive of fruits and plum aroma.