IMG_6497Timisoreana Beer

History of Beer

The origin of beer predates recorded history, extending into the mythology of ancient civilization Beer, the first alcoholic beverage, was discovered in dependently the most ancient cultives including Babylonnians, Assyrians, Egiptians, Hebrews, Africans, Chinesse, Incas, Teutons and Saxons.


Timisoreana Beer, a superb hand-crafted Pillsner from Romania, is brewed according to traditional methods. Only the finest fresh hops and malts from Romania-Transilvania. The beer developed there in 1718, is known in Romania.

  • Alcoholic content by volume 4,6-5 %, serve chilled but not below 46 F
  • Aroma : fragrance that derives from the ingrediens may by flowers. Any  fermentation drink made from malted, barley, hops, yeast and water.
  • Bouquet : portion of order caused by fermentation (barleyhops, etc.)
  • Carbon dioxide: the bubbles in the beer are made occurs naturally as a by product of fermentation
  • Hops : the flowers of a perennial vine, they add flavor, aromand pleasantly  bitter”finish’ to beer, hops. Also acts as natural preservative.
  • Food: the beer can be found that are great for drinking with a variety of meals, from spicy, Mexican, Chinesse, Italian dishes, to sandwiches and grilled meats.


Beer Timisoreana: 1 Pint

Aspect : characteristic

Smell : characteristic

Taste : characteristic

Present extract 1.62 ° P

Real extract : 3.44 ° P

Original extract 1 1.06 ° P

Alcohol 4.98 % v/v

Colour 7.18 EBC

pH. 4.33

C02 content 5.63 g/l

Total package oxygen : 28 ppB

Density at 20 C. 1.00448 9/cm3

Bitterness units : 21.39 ppm

Haze (90°) : 0.31 EBC

Haze (25°) : 0.11 EBC


Coliforme bacteria / ml : absent

Yeast and mould / ml : absent