Romvin Import Company is a dynamic company in Wineries & Breweries industry. Romvin Import Company is committed to filling the needs of their diverse clientele and understanding their objectives.

Romvin Import Co. has been in the business of importing fine wines from Romania since 1993. We know that, in spite of their world class quality, Romanian wines are still relatively less known in the Western market due to the many years of isolationism behind the Iron Curtain. Therefore, we personally visit the vineyards and handpick the best wines to bring them overseas and make them available to you. Romvin Import Co. is strongly committed to restore the well-deserved international recognition of the Romanian wines and to offer the western consumers an exceptional value. We are confident that the outstanding quality of our wines paired with our seamless service will satisfy both the casual wine drinkers and the connoisseurs. Please take a look at our products, order a few bottles, experience the exquisite taste, and lets raise a glass together for the rebirth of the Romanian wines! 

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